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Transcending Limitations of Conventional Therapy

Accessing therapy has often been challenging due to stigma, long waits, and high costs. Traditional therapy's limited availability and in-person requirements deter many. 'gonna be ok' offers an affordable and accessible solution, breaking down barriers to mental health support.

Accessibility: gonna be ok offers 24/7 support
Affordability: gonna be ok has a free plan
Privacy and Convenience: private and accessible from the comfort of your space
Consistency: With gonna be ok, you can maintain a consistent therapeutic relationship

Avaliable 24/7

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Therapy on Your Terms

No need to commute, no need to conform to schedules. AI therapy respects your pace and your space, putting you in control.

Therapy at Your Fingertips

gonna be ok is readily available whenever you need it. With just a few taps on your device, you can access immediate support, making mental health care as easy as sending a message..

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Healing through Messaging

no judgments.

How are you feeling today?
Self-care isn't selfish
Take a deep breath
You're resilient.
Don't forget to breathe
Challenge negative thoughts
How are you feelings today?
Practice self-acceptance
I'm proud of your progress
Stay in the present moment
You deserve happiness
How are you feeling today?
You're not alone in this
Let's set some goals

Some of Our Therapists

Diverse, Compassionate, and Here to Support You.

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Talking Is Healing

Healing Begins with an Open Conversation.