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"gonna be ok @ Work" by Gonna Be Ok, Inc. is a pioneering corporate wellness program designed to foster mental and emotional well-being in the workplace.


0% of Employees

Experience Reduced Stress with Regular Mental Health Support.

0% Increase

In Productivity Among Teams with Access to Wellness Programs.

0% Decrease

In Workplace Absenteeism Due to Mental Health Issues.

0% of Users

Feel More Equipped to Handle Work-Related Stress.

Core Components

Transform Your Workplace with Our Comprehensive Mental Wellness Toolkit.

Tools for Workplace Wellness

Elevate Employee Well-Being with Our Exclusive Suite of Wellness Resources.

Innovative Wellness Apps

Explore our suite of apps designed to support stress management, mindfulness, and personal growth.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Access guided meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises to reduce stress, improve focus, and boost productivity.

Healthy Lifestyle Challenges

Participate in company-wide challenges that promote physical activity, healthy eating, and mental well-being.

Interactive Wellness Workshops

Join our live, interactive workshops on various wellness topics, from emotional intelligence to effective communication.

Emotional Support Networks

Access to supportive communities and networks where employees can share experiences, advice, and encouragement.

Healthier, Happier Workplace

Corporate Wellness with 'gonna be ok @ Work'

Transforming Employee Well-Being into Organizational Success.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize advanced analytics to gauge program impact, employee engagement, and well-being improvements for informed decision-making.

Seamless Integration

Easily incorporate wellness tools into your existing HR systems for a smooth, user-friendly experience.

Customizable Solutions

Adapt the program to fit your organization’s unique needs, allowing for personalized wellness journeys for each employee.

Physical Wellness Programs

Complement mental health initiatives with physical wellness classes and resources, acknowledging the mind-body connection.

Global Accessibility

No matter where your team is located, our digital platform provides equal access to all our wellness resources, breaking down geographical barriers.

Continuous Evolution

Feedback loops and regular updates ensure the program grows with your company, always offering the latest in wellness innovation.

Invest in Your Team’s Well-Being

Flexible Pricing for Every Team Size.

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  • 11-25
  • 26-50
  • 51-100
  • 100+
For power users who want access to creative features.
For creative organizations that need full control & support.
For creative organizations that need full control & support.

"gonna be ok @ Work" is designed for seamless integration with your existing wellness initiatives. Our flexible platform can complement and enhance your current programs, offering additional resources like AI-powered mental health support, educational workshops, and wellness tracking. We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth integration process that aligns with your companys wellness goals..

Absolutely. We understand that every company has unique needs and challenges when it comes to employee wellness. "gonna be ok @ Work" offers customizable wellness plans that can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of your employees and organizational culture. From selecting specific modules to creating custom content, we ensure the program serves your workforce in the most effective way.

"gonna be ok @ Work" stands out through its comprehensive approach to mental wellness, combining AI-powered therapy, personalized wellness plans, and a wide range of educational and engagement tools. Unlike standalone apps, our program is designed specifically for workplace implementation, offering features like management training, integration with HR systems, and detailed analytics to track program success. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures we always offer the latest in mental health support.

Yes, "gonna be ok @ Work" is fully compliant with major privacy and data protection regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA where applicable. We prioritize the confidentiality and security of all user data, ensuring that personal information is protected and only used to enhance the user experience.

From the initial setup to ongoing program management, youll receive comprehensive support from our dedicated customer success team. This includes onboarding guidance, technical support, and regular check-ins to ensure the program meets your expectations. We also provide resources and training for your team to maximize engagement and utilization.

Yes, "gonna be ok @ Work" is designed to support a global workforce with multi-language support and 24/7 access to virtual therapy and resources. Whether your employees are in the office, working remotely, or spread across different countries, our program can accommodate their needs and schedules.

Hear from Our Happy Partners

The flexibility and depth of the Wellness @ Work program have been game changers for our company culture and employee satisfaction.
Our teams engagement and productivity have seen a significant uplift since we introduced Wellness @ Work. Its been an invaluable addition.
Wellness @ Works comprehensive approach has addressed our employees mental health needs like no other program weve tried. Highly recommend!
Seeing the positive impact on our employees’ well-being and the support provided has solidified Wellness @ Work as a crucial part of our benefits package.
Integrating Wellness @ Work was seamless, and the personalized support plans have been particularly effective for our diverse team.
The leadership training and resources provided by Wellness @ Work have transformed how we support mental health in the workplace.
Luisa Moreno
Luisa Moreno
Wellness @ Work has empowered our small team with tools and resources that have made a real difference in managing stress and building resilience.
Our employees appreciate the 24/7 access to support and have reported improved well-being since we partnered with Wellness @ Work.

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